Jessica Alba will no doubt be

Jessica Alba will no doubt be

Jessica Alba will no doubt be the epitome of a fitness babe, simply look at her bodacious body and you’ll know exactly why. And did I tell you she is a mother of a toddler? Yes, add to that loads of tasks and works that having a toddler entails, but I don’t think those will stop this Fantastic Four star from staying fit.

So you wonder how she does it and if you will ever have the same level of fitness to be a certified fitness babe?

The nitty-gritty

The thing is, if you will ever be a fitness babe, there should be one thing that drives you – your mantra – and that is to get that to-die-for body and to keep fit, stay in shape, get those muscles toned and rid of those unsightly flab on your legs and thighs, or in your midsection.

The Jessica Alba way

Of course every bit of a good thing comes with a price, in Jessica’s case it includes long hours of working her beautiful butt off the gym to keep her heart pumping and she does this by doing circuit training. This currently emerging type of workout includes:

  • 60 jumping jacks
  • 15-20 pushups
  • Walking lunges
  • Spiderman climb
  • Wall squat
  • Planks
  • High knees

These are all done in rapid succession, without pause. You have to continue doing the round of exercise even if you feel fatigued. You only rest for 60 seconds after each circuit. Not only that, you have to do it all over again for 3 times, by the way. On top of this, Jessica also does 20 minutes of cardio exercises, which by the way, is not only good at eliminating all those fats and calories, but is also a sure-fire way to rev up one’s metabolism. The outcome, a bikini body you only wish you had and lots of unforgettable bikini moments on the beach come summertime. Now wouldn’t that motivate you enough?