Dress Lust

Dress Lust

Dresses. Frocks. Gowns. Nothing quite makes you feel like a dress makes you feel. And no two dresses make you feel the same way; some are cutesy and prim, others are flirty and bright, while others are sleek and stunning. Dresses are one of the reasons I sometimes feel sorry for men (one of the few, few reasons); they don''t know what they''re missing.

I think starting out with a bargain is always a good idea, and this fantastic Little Black Dress is a total winner. Talk about vesatile! Pearls and kitten heels would be a classic Audrey Hepburn look that''s even office appropriate with a blazer, and chandelier earrings with stilettos (or knee-boots, if you''re feeling daring) would make it over-the-top sexy. But maybe best of all, you could do opaque tights, fun flats, and a giant boyfriend cardigan and voila, you have a perfect relaxed-yet-together outfit for running over to Starbucks for a latte.

Black Dark Print Dress - Alight, $48

I have a a terrible habit of finding something I like and buying it in every color available. This dress comes in the black background shown, and also purple and teal; it took me a while to decide which was my favorite, so I decided to go with the black because it makes the flowers pop. But I would definitely buy every color if I could! This dress would be a little short for me without at least some Spanx or leggings underneath; throw in some gladiator sandals and some chunky, bold jewelry, and you''ve got yourself a very chic summer outfit.

Lane Bryant is not usually my go-to for cute dresses (their stuff tends to be a bit on the frumpier side) but I am loving this clean, fresh spring frock with wide straps that will cover the most supportive bra straps. The open crotchet detailing along the skirt is so feminine, and this silhouette would be flattering on just about any figure.

I am actually the (very) proud owner of this dress, and I had to share it; it''s as gorgeous in person as it looks in the photo (sorry about the watermark, BTW), and was so affordable compared to similar dresses I saw on other sites. Want a seriously valuable shopping tip? Take your measurements, and go on eBay first. I got a million things on eBay recently, and was happier with every purchase than I have been with half the stuff I bought off the rack. The key is to KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS. If the seller doesn''t list the measurements for something, message them and ask; I got a fabulous purple silk dress that I might have overlooked if I hadn''t taken the time to shoot them a quick question and found out it was exactly my size. Score!

YOWSA. This dress is hot. I mean, really. Whoa. Here''s an example of a dress that really can''t be dressed down too much, but honestly, why would you want to? This glamourous wiggle dress calls for some serious foundation garments, ie. Spanx, maybe even a waist-cincher. And don''t forget the sky-high open-toed stilettos.

Check out this sweet, summery maxi-dress. I like the earthy color and pattern (it also comes in solid coral). This comfy, relaxed dress would look fabulous with flip flops, a simple giant-pendant necklace, and messy beach hair during the day, and then gladiator sandals, a ton of bangles, and big earrings for evening. *Sigh* Summer seems so far away.

I had to leave us with the taste of Spring in our mouths, and this vibrant sundress was just the thing. The colors are fabulous, the cut is simple and flattering, the price is low... what more can we ask? This would be a perfect dress to wear to Mother''s Day or Easter brunch with either a shrug or cardigan and flats or wedge heels. And paired with boots and darker colors like brown and brick red, plus some warmer textures like wool or velvet, this dress would easily transition to fall.