You Can Get The Body You Always Wanted

You Can Get The Body You Always Wanted

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Nothing happens until something moves
(Albert Einstein 1879-1955)

In this letter I''ll show you a little-known health secret which has been helping thousands of people already and will help you too;
whether you are concerned about:

heart diseases... high blood pressure… stroke… diabetes… arthritis… overweight…obesity… or one of countless lifestyle, genetic, or auto-immune diseases...

A little known prospecting secret that has been quietly bringing thousands of people success — without frustration or spending a whole lot of money on medication and not to talk about the side effects. In fact, with this secret...

People Actually Pay You To Hear About Your Success And The Success Other People Have Had And Want The Same Opportunity And Products!

Dear Friend,

Starting with Pro Health Team today, YOU can decide how healthy you want to be.

S houldn''t you and your loved ones have immediate access to these urgent healing tools?

You will attract people around you, people which haven’t seen you for a while, want recognize you anymore ... but then they will know what you have done, they will be so eager to get started... they actually pay you to show them the plan... and if you want to be this person, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

And of course YOUUUUU want!

Who wants to be: slimmer, healthier, more attractive, fitter.... EVERYBODY!

Here''s why:
My name is Jakob Hechenberger. I''m a personal trainer and health coach with students and business people around the world. Including CEO''s, real-estate investors, and Internet marketing "Gurus" who make millions of dollars per year.

But you want to know something interesting?

It doesn’t matter how rich or wealthy you are….

All the money in the world won''t help you, if you are not healthy, if you can’t do what you would like to do, when you finally got the time for it!

It''s true.

How will you enjoy your millions dollar yacht, when you need somebody to wheel you on deck, and wheel you back in when the sun goes down.

All the millions in your bank account want help you if you are not healthy – when you get older and finally got the time for it to enjoy life, live the lifestyle you always wanted, you dreamed of.

All the millions want help you if you are not fit & healthy enough to travel with your loved one - if you can’t because you are on medication, in pain, being sick all the time, in hospital, in care, you can''t go on a plane or ship – you can’t go out because you are locked to your bed or hospital. Your heart is not working as it could, you have had a heart attack or stroke, all the money want help you.

And that’s only because you didn’t care about your health at all. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, no time for exercising, no time to eat healthy means also not enough vitamins and nutrition your body would have needed, not enough fresh air, etc. etc. All the money want help you now.

I have personally helped thousands of people from "badly overweighted, obese to their ideal bodyweight to healthy active people" in as little as a few month. And many of my students and clients have achieved total pain free lifestyle after sport injuries, accidents and sickness.

What I want to tell you can’t start early enough to support your family, your body, your health with some extra natural supplements in your busy, stressful, electronic lifestyle.

But on the other hand

You might haven''t heard about it at the time, but know you will find out about it – there is help out there which will help you to do all the things you like to do, when you finally got the time for it.

Do you ever wonder why we are getting fatter and fatter?

Why cardiovascular diseases are the #1 killer worldwide?

Why more and more people suffer from joint pain, arthritis? etc. etc.

The new miracle answers are available NOW

They’re not being reported by the mass media or the health magazines.

They''re probably not on the shelves of your health food or local drug store yet.

Your doctor probably hasn''t heard of them. Neither has your pharmacist in Australia.

Only a select group of forward-thinking doctors and researchers know about these revolutionary treatments. Even as most of this products are listed in the “Physician Desk Reference List” and MIMS Singapore, Malaysia.

But you can get these new health breakthroughs today, if you know how.

If there''s heart disease in your family... let me tell you about a very powerful secret for heart health.

This all-natural, breakthrough formula can lower your "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and reduces your risk of heart attack. In just four weeks, your cholesterol could drop as much as 30%. But also, and even more important increases your good cholesterol (HDL) up to 50%.

Are you worried about senility or Alzheimer''s disease? New research reveals tremendous hope for Alzheimer''s patients. A small trial evaluating the effects of this vitamin on Alzheimer''s patients astonished researchers: In only four weeks, patients were more aware of their surroundings and better able to communicate.

Could you or a loved one benefit from a treatment that achieves a 90% reversal of rheumatoid arthritis just a couple month? That''s the result of a recent clinical study on this medical "masterpiece" developed by scientists studying secrets.

In a moment, you can get excess to these new and powerful treatments, and find out how they work, even specific recommended dosages. These treatments can change your life...and very possibly save the life of a loved one in the coming months.

Fighting colds and flu twice a year or even more often? This incredible new discovery is called lactoferrin. It''s an immunity protein so crucial to our health and defense mechanisms, that all lactating mothers produce it in high concentration for their newborns.

And it can give you super-immunity.

It helps coordinate your body''s cellular immune response, defending against invaders such as bacteria and viruses...and targeting cancerous cells for destruction.

State-of-the-art techniques in cellular and molecular biology have recently allowed us to isolate lactoferrin from bovine milk - completely purified of possible milk allergens, but still in its original, chemically unaltered form. In its pure, natural form, lactoferrin has been documented to...

Inhibit tumor growth and metastasis

Enhance natural "killer-cell" activity (which target specific types of tumors and virus-infected cells

Activate neutrophil cells (which ingest and digest foreign bodies)

Prevent virus as (including those that cause AIDS, herpes, heart disease, and some types of cancer) from penetrating into your healthy cells

Lactoferrin''s numerous biological actions work in concert to bolster your immune system and eradicate toxins, microbial invaders, and even fast-spreading tumor cells. If you know where to''ll find treatments more potent and effective than any you''ve ever seen or heard of before.

Directly from the pioneers in natural medicine themselves! They people who are actually making some of the greatest new discoveries in alternative and preventive medicine - in the U.S. and around the world. These dedicated specialists are working around the clock to develop treatments that safely control and eradicate the diseases and conditions that rob you of your independence and carefree, active living.

Why haven''t you heard about these remarkable life-enhancing solutions before?

An almost laughably simple thing to do, that requires no time… no stress... use it wherever you go... no side effects… and absolutely no risk

In fact, with this secret...

People Actually Paid Me To Hear About My Opportunity And Products

I almost couldn''t believe it.

Others spend hundreds of dollars per month on advertising and beg people to show them what to do to get healthy and stay healthy, to show them a plan.

But only real results on real people count. Only hard work and helping others to reach their goals will make you successful.

More and more people want to find out what YOU have done,

to lose all this weight

got slim and stayed slim

how YOU got pain free (back pain, arthritis etc.)

how YOU lowered your risk of heart attack, stroke, how recovered this quickly from.....

And this people actually will give YOU money to find out about YOUR secrets.

"Forbidden" remedies from the world''s most progressive clinics... brought directly to you!

Not long ago, some of the best of these brilliant minds got tired of watching their hard won breakthroughs get buried by red tape out of control regulators, and special interests.

They decided it was time for an information revolution. And so...they created a network with which to share the news of underground medicine and amazing, effective cures and treatments with other members...

Quickly, efficiently, and before anyone else has even heard about these discoveries

And they''re living up to their promise to track down and develop the urgently needed answers to today''s most prevalent and devastating health threats. Packed with amazing breakthroughs, including descriptions of how each treatment works...where you can get much to take...possible side effects (though there aren''t many of these, or positive side effects)...and case study successes to show you what you can expect in your own healing. Page after eye-opening page will reveal to you the incredible breakthroughs that powerfully improves your health!

HEALTH ALERT: New research reveals that shockingly high numbers of heart attack and stroke patients have excess amounts of this chemical in their blood. Gently cleanse it from your bloodstream, with a natural agent that can also increase your energy levels!

Many years of crippling pain and stiffness... unable to wear normal shoes to go out erased in a couple of weeks A woman in Europe suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for years got only minimum relief from high doses of prescription anti-inflammatory. (And maximum risk to her health with all the side effects!) She even couldn''t wear normal closed shoes to go out at all - do to any shopping or going for a coffee with her husband or friends. Just staying at home for many years.

After trying this incredible and natural anti- inflammatory for only a few weeks... she was able to walk in normal closed shoes again, and was even able to go out with her husband! What an increase of lifestyle this was for this lady.

You given me back my life and enjoyment outside of my home and the 4 walls around me. I now can join my family again and go out with them. I even don''t know how I could thank you.

These may seem like absolute miracles. But scientific research and clinical advances are moving at a stunningly rapid rate. So the next millennium will see the complete eradication of today''s most widespread - and most dreaded - diseases. Even the so-called incurable will be reversed with amazing speed and safety!

Why joint replacements may be obsolete: What if you could just "switch on" the gene that re-grows your damaged cartilage? Now you can!

Beyond Viagra: Exciting new discovery enhances your desire to have sex...heightens your you the mental energy to perform optimally! Proven safe!

Another Day Younger: This Australian miracle breakthrough can wipe away age spots on your skin, dry skin, burn marks, (sunburn), ingrown nails etc.

Clinical studies prove it works!

Here again, it won''t make drug companies rich - so no headlines on CNN. And you''re almost certain not to find it at your drug store or vitamin store yet. But you''ll find it on page. How to get it, how to use it, how to know when it starts working! The future is so much brighter than you''ve been told...and it''s packed with amazing health solutions your doctor may not discover for years!

Boost your resistance to flu and colds with a secret formula that can clean your body of harmful toxins, prevent heart disease.

You can reap the benefits of these discoveries

We want you to find out how to access these miraculous treatments...and how to discover, right away, the feeling of enhanced health and energy, peaked mental ability, empowered sexual stamina, and much more.

Don''t wait another second to benefit from these revolutionary, completely safe treatments for heart disease… heart attack… stroke… arthritis... Chronic pain... viral and bacterial infection... depression... Alzheimer''s... fatigue... and much, much more!

It will take years before most of these underground cures are available and known to the mainstream public undefined but YOU can access them today.

Here''s Just A Small Taste Of What You''ll Discover In This Manual:

• How you can lose a jeans size without Gimmicks – Guaranteed Results

• How to lower your Cholesterol, Triglycerides natural, without side effects clinically proven

• How to stabilize Insulin Production – reduce your Injections or even get rid of them

• How to Naturally Decrease Leptin Production, why you can’t lose any weight when your brain doesn’t get the information

• How to get Slim and even better Stay Slim, were ever you go, even when dinning out

• How to get Pain Free of Back Pain, Joint Pain, Arthritis

• Great Sex at any Age all natural

• How to look younger

• Do you and your children eat enough fruits and veggies every day

• Keep hawk like eyes well into the 90s, plus protect your vision and eye health for years

• How you can get your all natural health products for free

There''s more.

A LOT more

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100% Effective - Before launching this great product, the company conducted a study with over 200 participants. These individuals were asked to maintain their normal diet and exercise program while taking this fat (weight) loss product over a 90 day period. After completing the study, 100 percent of the test participants reported a loss in body fat and experienced more energy.

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In less than 5 minutes, you can have complete access to the famous PRO-Health Secrets, and the guarantee to get all our heath products with a “10% discount” with one payment for your “Weight Loss" Preferred Customer Membership for only...

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Click Here To Grab Your Copy Of PRO-Health Secrets For FREE And Your “Weight Loss" Preferred Customer Membership Today

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It will take years before most of these underground cures are available and known to the mainstream public undefined but YOU can access them today.Get your easy access to the most exciting new advances undefined and to an incredible healthy, happy and long life.


Jakob Hechenberger

P.S. Don''t forget, if you aren’t satisfied with the weight loss product within 60 days of purchasing it you can return it for a complete refund, no questions asked.

100% Of Your Money Back!
P.P.S. The company is so confident in the products it offers that all of them come with a 100%, 60-day, money-back guarantee. We encourage you to take the next step and see how these products can improve your health and wellbeing. After all, what have you got to lose? - Except a few kilos.

One last thing, it''s important. I know even with this unbelievably low price and "can''t lose,” offer you may still be skeptical. And I totally understand. So below are testimonials from people (with completely different Lifestyles, and different age groups) who have used these products. By the way... these are "for real" testimonials.


49 pounds, 24" inches in 90 days

Nothing could aggravate Sherry Giron’s agony more than the fact she couldn’t win the battle against her weight gain. Fighting against cancer, lupus and diabetes, Sherry had no more strength to fight the 100 pounds she had gained due to steroids and other medications.

“I knew Slim has helped a lot of people to lose weight but I was told so many times in the past that I couldn’t lose the weight because of my medication and I just had to accept it. I have been so surprised with the results! I’m completely delighted. I have lost 51 pounds to date and the inches just keep coming off. I’ve lost six inches in each thigh, nine inches in my hips and nine inches in my waist. I even lost an entire inch in my wrist!”

“Now I have more energy, I’m in a better mood, I sleep better and for the first time in years, I can go shopping for clothes without having to shop at a plus size store. My goal is to lose 100 pounds and I’m half way there. I’m going to fit into my wedding dress for my 31st wedding anniversary this coming August. I have been exercising and jumping in the trampoline with my granddaughter is a dream come true.”
As she recalls her past, she said it makes her stronger to fight for a better future.

“I have overcome ovarian cancer three times and I had lupus since I was eight years old. You learn to live a life of gratitude for just being alive. The steroids and other medications I was on at the time just seemed to make me blow up like a balloon. Nothing worked. I was eating less and less and gaining more and more weight. Everything about my life has improved by adding Slim to my daily routine. I want to share Slim with the world.”

I was over 400 pounds with "diabetes"

“I was over 400 pounds with diabetes, hypertension, and degenerative arthritis in my back from carrying my carcass around all these years. I was short of breath and unable to find clothes to fit me, so I decided to go to my doctor, Dr. Neal Secrist. I was expecting yet another lecture about my weight and a pile of expensive prescriptions but Dr. Secrist had another idea. He prescribed Bios Life Slim and my life changed dramatically,” said John Fritts, who lost 42 pounds in only 90 days! He now has hope for a better future.

“Thanks to Bios Life Slim, I have energy, confidence and I’m wearing clothes not worn in 15 years! My co-workers began to notice very quickly that something was different. There was a spring in my step and a smile on my face,” he said.

Growing up, John was active playing sports in high school but still described himself as “pudgy.” After finishing high school and college, John got married and settled in to the “American lifestyle”—gaining over 200 pounds in 30 years.

“At 51, my life was in real jeopardy for a heart attack or stroke. My body hurt all the time and I had no energy. I remember thinking that I might not see my 16-year-old daughter graduate from high school or college. I was scared. To say I was discouraged was an understatement. I had just resigned myself to a life of waiting to die slowly and painfully of all the problems caused by my obesity just before I was introduced to Slim.”

"15 pounds and 16 inches"

Kelli Haub considered herself a “slightly overweight” type of individual and was determined to lose a few unwanted pounds—especially after giving birth nine months ago. Today, she’s happy to show off her slender figure after losing 15 pounds with the help of Bios Life Slim!

“I kept telling myself I was going to start the weight loss process ‘tomorrow’ or on ‘Monday.’ Slim finally kicked me into gear and helped me begin my journey. Slim really works! Not only does Slim work, but the Get Slim Challenge works! It pairs an amazing natural product with the proven method of accountability.”

She added, “Being part of the Get Slim Challenge while drinking Bios Life Slim was the secret to my success. Not only I had to record and track my progress with measurements, weight and photographs but I also had to send it all to someone measuring my efforts.”

Before Kelli started to drink Slim, she was a bored eater and constantly snacked between meals. “My biggest problem is that I love food and I eat even when I’m not hungry. Slim has helped me to stay on track and stick to my goals. I have become a lot more health conscious. Slim gives me peace of mind knowing that it will burn my body fat in between meals.”

I believe that becoming healthy is very important and I love the products. Slim works, it’s natural and I love it!”

2001 was a bad year for Robert Moore

It was the year he had a heart attack and since then he’s noticed his health has been deteriorating. Suffering from high LDL cholesterol levels and high triglyceride levels, he feared for his future. At 290 pounds, he was tired of the aches and pains in his joints.

When his friend told him about Bios Life Slim, he was doubtful, but since the friend had lost 50 pounds, Robert thought it would be a good alternative to help him with weight management. Robert joined the Get Slim Challenge and lost 26 pounds in 90 days and to date he has lost a total of 62 pounds!

“I can’t count the number of diets I’d tried that didn’t work. Slim has changed my eating habits. I’m never hungry between meals, I’m eating less and my cravings are gone. I still eat food that I enjoy but much smaller portions. Slim really curbs your appetite.”

At 67, Robert wants to be an example for others that struggle to lose weight. He said with Bios Life Slim is possible to lose weight at any age.

“It’s amazing for me to see that I’m able to lose this much weight. I want to tell other people my age that it’s never too late to start to improve your health. My goal is to lose 100 pounds with the help of Bios Life Slim. I know I’ll do it. I haven’t worn a 40” waist pants in years.”

He added, “I felt that by joining the Get Slim Challenge, I’d do a better job of monitoring my weight and inches lost. I was so encouraged by the stories of the people who participated in the challenge. I’m determined to lose the weight.”

Robert said his doctor is pleased with his results and his improved health. “I recently had an appointment to see my primary physician because I wanted to know how I’d been doing. He said I was a model patient. All my readings were down and in the normal ranges for the first time in many years. He was ecstatic! I recently had a stress test and my cardiologist was impressed with my readings and results as well. Bios Life Slim will change your quality of life and you’ll feel amazing, just like I do.”

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