RevivAll Male Vitality Formula™ (60 capsules)

RevivAll Male Vitality Formula™ (60 capsules)

A New Revolutionary Men''s Health Product

RevivAll™ is designed to promote male health and vitality
RevivAll™ contains over 17 nutrient-dense whole foods & herbs
RevivAll™ contains Cernitin™ Flower Pollen Extract (double potency)
RevivAll™ contains a powerful phytosterol & sterolin blend
RevivAll™ utilizes the UltraZorbeTM caplet delivery system
RevivAll™ is formulated using the Poten-Zyme™ process for increased nutrient bioavailablity

Why is RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula Necessary?
For many years, the majority of the health research has been done on men. It was assumed men and women possessed many of the same basic health deficiencies resulting in the same treatment strategies. It is now recognized that this is not the case at all due to the complex hormonal, physiological, chemical, and structural differences between males and females. Garden of Life™ has now developed RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula which is designed to address the specific and unique health challenges facing men today. As men age, their prostate and hormonal system often lose vitality and function prematurely. Prostate problems, arthritic pains, joint inflammation, high cholesterol, low sex drive, impotence, lack of energy, weight gain, diabetes, weakened immune system, increased cancer risk, and depression plague an increasingly higher number of men of all ages. In fact, studies show that a high percentage of men over the age of 40 will experience some form of prostate dysfunction that will affect either their sexual or urinary function. Prostate problems account for a staggering 2.7 million doctor visits in North America each year.
Finally, Garden of Life™ has formulated a product designed to halt or even reverse many of the symptoms experienced by males of all ages, RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula. This unique product was created to promote the health of the male prostate as well as improve every facet of the male''s cellular health. Farida Sharan, M.D., states that "hormone imbalances can be treated with natural herbal sources containing estrogen and progesterone precursors. The earlier these natural foods and herbs containing hormonal precursors are integrated into nutrition, the better."

What Is In RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula?
RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula contains the highest quality certified organic or chemical free ingredients. The specific whole foods and herbs are chosen for their unique and powerful immune-enhancing properties, hormone regulating functions, and male health promoting factors. Many other products on the market today contain only one or two ingredients, thus offering very limited therapeutic benefits. RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula contains over 17 different foods and herbs containing a multitude of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, as well as the many known and unknown factors contained in "live" foods and herbs.

Whole Food Vitality Blend
Organic Garbanzo Beans: Garbanzo beans are one of the most nutritious of all the legumes and contain high amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. They have an exceptionally high iron and vitamin C content as well as contain B complex vitamins. Garbanzo beans are rich in essential fats and contain large amounts of isoflavones and have been shown to help maintain prostate health and cholesterol levels.
Organic Red Lentils: Since Biblical times, the lentil has nourished healthy people across the world. Lentils are very high in protein and molybdenum (an element which plays an important role in protein assimilation), iron absorption, fat oxidation, and normal cell function. Lentils provide a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, and B complex vitamins.
Organic Soy Beans: The soy beans contained in the RevivAll™ Male Vitality Forumula are predigested using the revolutionary Poten-Zyme™ process of lacto-fermentation thus eliminating nutrient inhibitors and enhancing utilization. Fermented soy is better tolerated and much more bioavailable than traditionally processed soybeans. Soy is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
Organic Flax Seed: Flax seed is nature''s richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are vitally important for strengthening immunity and cleansing the heart and arterial walls. Flax is the richest known source of lignans, substances that contain anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer properties.
Organic Sunflower Seed: Sunflower seeds provide excellent quality protein and are loaded with nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.
Organic Sesame Seed: Sesame seeds have long been used to relieve rheumatism, constipation, low backache, weak knees, and stiff joints. The people of Turkey consider the sesame seed to be the greatest food for building strength.
Organic Pumpkin Seed: Pumpkin seeds have consistently been used as a beneficial food supplement for maintaining healthy prostate and urinary tract function and may protect against impotency and swollen prostate gland. Organic Azuki Beans: Azuki beans have been used in the Far East for centuries to regulate the bowel and strengthen the kidneys. They are exceptionally high in protein, potassium, B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, and fiber.
Organic Kidney Beans: Kidney beans have a positive influence on the heart, circulatory system, and small intestine.
Organic Barley: Barley has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and is also high in fibers known as beta glucans. Barley also contains the antioxidant tocotrienols. Centuries ago Roman soldiers and gladiators used barley as a food to promote vigor and vitality.
Organic Brown Rice: Brown rice is a concentrated source of B vitamins and therefore is beneficial for the nervous system and helps to alleviate mental depression. Brown rice is also an excellent source of tocotrienols, a member of the vitamin E family studied extensively for its antioxidant capabilities.

Herbal Vitality Blend
Organic Imopotea (New Guinea Sweet Potato): Imopotea contains one of the highest concentrations of beta-carotene found in any food or herb on earth. Beta-carotene has been proven to protect against cancer, colds, flu, infection, and inflammation. Diosgenin, a compound found in Imopotea, has been used extensively for the treatment of arthritis, asthma, eczema, in regulating metabolic function, and to improve virility. Diosgenin also provides the natural steroid building blocks for developing human sex hormones. The diosgenin molecule is similar in structure to progesterone, which is produced in the body.
Organic Ginger: Ginger naturally helps balance the vitally important eicosanoids(master hormones) without side effects. Eicosanoid balance is key to bringing down the inflammation of an enlarged prostate. Ginger, "the bioavailability herb", assists in the digestion and utilization of other foods and nutrients. Ginger has been shown to positively affect parameters of health such as cholesterol and blood sugar and balance numerous body systems including the circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive systems.
Cernitin™ Swedish Flower Pollen Extract (double potency): Pollen extracts have been used for years in parts of Europe and Asia to maintain prostate health. Pollen extracts are proving to be superior in efficacy and bioavailability to saw palmetto for prostate health. Flower pollen helps to improve prostate health by three primary mechanisms: smooth muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. "...The truth is the anti-inflammatory effects, the antioxidant effect, the smooth muscle relaxing effect of the flower pollen extracts are extremely important as part of the influence on the prostate." Dr. Dallas Clouatre, PhD. Unlike bee pollen, the flower pollen contained in RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula is predigested using the Poten-Zyme™ process of predigestion, allowing virtually 100% absorption of its health promoting nutrients and eliminating the allergens typically associated with standard "pollen" formulas. Phytosterol Blend Phytosterols and Sterolins: Plant sterols are plant "fats" and are present in all vegetable foods. They are biologically active molecules isolated from plants called "phytochemicals" which have been clinically proven to significantly modulate the effects of the immune system. Sterols and sterolins can also naturally increase levels of the super hormone DHEA. Scientists believe phytosterols and sterolins have the ability to actually "turn off" the factors that can initiate the inflammation process. Phytosterols and sterolins may block the development of tumors in the colon and prostate gland by altering cell membrane transfer in tumor growth. In vitro studies indicate a 28% inhibition of prostate cancer cell growth after being exposed to Beta-Sitosterol for five days.

The Poten-Zyme™ Process The nutrient dense foods and herb blends in RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula are pre-digested using the proprietary Poten-Zyme™ process (Poten-tiation by Enzym-atic activation). This proprietary process is an exclusive natural process of lacto-fermentation and enzymatic predigestion, within a matrix of carefully selected whole foods. The bioavailablity and absorption of nutrients using this unique process is increased from 2-5 times. Many people with sensitive digestive systems have a difficult time obtaining nutrition from grains, seeds and legumes. The Poten-Zyme™ process solves this problem. The Poten-Zyme™ process creates and liberates valuable compounds within the foods, including: enzymes, antioxidants, beta glucans, phytosterols, and many others.

The UltraZorbe™ Caplet Delivery System The UltraZorbe™ caplet delivery system (Ultra-absorption) is a revolutionary technology whereby all nutrients and ingredients in RevivAll™ Male Vitality Formula retain their maximum nutritive content, viability, and "live" food and herbal properties. The UltraZorbe™ caplet delivery system accomplishes this without the use of heat, animal products, traditional binders, fillers, or excipients. UltraZorbe™ caplets are designed to provide rapid disintegration and dissolution, thus delivering the desired nutrients in the most efficient and effective time frame possible.

RevivAll™ is a revolutionary product designed specifically for men. The foods and herbs in RevivAll™ have been pre-digested using the Poten-Zyme™ process. The Poten-Zyme™ process is an ancient bio-fermentation process using probiotics and their enzymes to gently break down foods into their most basic elements.

Two 750mg caplets contains:

Whole Food Vitality Blend (1,088mg): "Live Food" blend with Poten-Zyme™100. A 100% pre-digested blend of Garbanzo Beans*, Red Lentils*, Soy Beans*, Flax Seed*, Sunflower Seed*, Sesame Seed*, Pumpkin Seed*, Azuki Beans*, Kidney Beans*, Barley*and Brown Rice* (Gluten and Phytate Free).

Herbal Vitality Blend (200mg): "Live Herbal" blend with Poten-Zyme™100. A 100% pre-digested blend of Imopotea* (New Guinea Sweet Potato) and Ginger*.

Cernitin™ Swedish Flower Pollen Extract (132mg): Double strength extract of Swedish Flower Pollen (water and fat soluble).

Phytosterol Blend (80mg): Blend of Beta-Sitosterol, Stigmasterol and Campesterol.

Other Ingredients: Cellulose and Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source).

Directions: Adults may take 1 caplet two or more times per day with 6-8 oz of water. RevivAll™ should not be taken within 45 minutes of ingesting animal foods (meat, eggs or dairy products). For advanced usage take 4-6 caplets per day for 90 days, followed by a maintenance level of 2 caplets per day.

*Certified Organic
100% Vegetarian Product
Product contains No Animal Products, Dairy, Gluten or Phytates.

UtraZorbeTM caplets are processed without the use of heat.

Statements in this brochure have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended solely for nutritional use.

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